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      Spare Parts

      ZEGOO INDUSTRIAL understand that your product inspection systems need to be up and running under any circumstance. ZEGOO offer a wide range of stocked OEM spare parts and machine specific comprehensive kits to help aid production up-time. Purchasing genuine spare parts from ZEGOO directly enables cross-referencing between the serial number and the original machine drawings to make sure the correct parts of the highest quality are supplied.  If you are in one of our export territories, you will be able to buy spare parts directly from our network of distributors and official partners who covers your region.

      ZEGOO’s fully trained Technical Support staff are on hand to help factories technical and engineering teams to diagnose the issue, leading to the correct part being ordered helping to prevent any unwanted down-time.

      Why Purchase Spare Parts From ZEGOO?

      Quickly identify the correct parts needed.

      All key spare parts held in stock

      Next or same day delivery

      Preferential prices for all spares kits

      Technical backup to aid fitting where required.


      Comprehensive Spare Parts Kits

      ZEGOO’s comprehensive spare part kits consist of the commonly used critical spare parts including; transport belts, timing pulleys, loadcell etc. Spare part kits are designed to include all of the items that are commonly replaced due to wear that can be replaced by internal engineering staff. ZEGOO also offer a bespoke option to enable other items to be added to the kit as per individual request.

      Just in Time Spares Deliveries

      Should your machine fail and the part required is not stocked onsite, using the 80/20 philosophy ZEGOO stock the most commonly used parts, shipping 97% of orders for next day delivery (Same day delivery is also available, location dependent) to reduce the impact on your productivity.

      Spare Parts for old Machines

      ZEGOO offer a wide range of stocked and non stocked parts for older version ZEGOO machines.