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      Online checkweigher(ZG-CW-5) roller pusher rejector

      Applied industries:
      Food and beverage, hygiene products, personal-care products, snacks, candies,coffee, dough, functional food, pharmacy, etc

      Product function:
      Checking packed product weight and rejecting the NG(under or over weight) products after weighed.

      1. High speed ,high accuracy online weight checking
      2.Advanced and proper rejection system
      3. Human-main friendly 10'' HMI panel operation                            
      4. Strong anti-vibration and interference design
      5. Special tailor made design and high integrated program with scanning and printing system

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      Technical details:

      Name Online checkweigher
      Model ZG-CW-5 pusher rejector
      Menu language English(Other languages optional)
      Product quantity restored 250 kinds of product restored in menu
      Max weighing 30 kg / 50kg
      Increment 5.0g
      Accuracy(Зσ) +-5.0~+-10.0g(depends on product)
      Weighing speed 65 pcs/min(as per request)  
      Segments of sorting Conveyor,weigher and rejector
      In feed conveyor size Length 800mm   Width 500mm
      Weigher platform size Length 800mm   Width 500mm
      Out feed roller conveyor pusher Positive roller 500*800mm
      Negative roller 800*500mm

      Height from floor to conveyor belt 650+-50mm
      Rejection system Automatic roller pusher rejector(other rejectors optional)
      Ingress rating IP54/IP65/IP66
      Frame material Carbon steel (SUS304 optional)
      Display type 10 inches touch screen
      Data exchange and export USB, RS232,Ethernet port(other optional)
      HS code 842320

      Draft drawing: