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      Needle detector ZG-ND-100

      Applied industries:
      Garments, Fabrics, Apparels, Textiles, Cloths, Shoes, Suits, Trousers, Socks,etc.

      Product function:
      Identifying whether there are any undesirable metallic substances and broken needles left-over or embedded in the garment and accessories in manufacturing and sewing process.
      1. 32 bit digital computer chipes with latest workmanship and technology
      2.Auto shutdown energy saving mode after no detection for more than 10 minutes
      3. 8 points positioning technology enabling to find out specific location of borken needles                         
      4. Counting function for a better production management
      5. Excellent anti-interference design with good detection stability
      6. Printing function for production management

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      Technical details:

      Name Needle detector
      Model ZG-ND-100
      Detection tunnel size Width: 1000mm  height: 100mm/120mm/150mm(Other optional)
      Tunnel type Horizontal  
      Detection ability Ferrous, magnetic metals and broken needles
      Speed of conveyor belt 20m/min ( Other speed optional, adjustable speed optional)
      Metal detector total length 2000mm (Other optional)
      Operation language English (Other languages optional)                            
      Conveyor belt Green color PVC
      Height from floor to conveyor belt 700+-50 mm  (Other optional)
      Rejection system Buzzer alarms and belt stops / Buzzer alarms and return back
      Power Supply 220V 50Hz(Other optional)
      Frame material Carbon steel
      Ingress rating IP54
      HS code 9031809090