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      Conveyor belt metal detector (ZG-MD-5035) with height control roller

      Applied industries:
      Bakery, biscuits, coffee, nuts, flours, vegetables, fruits, poultry, meat, salty food, snack food, grains, pharmacy ,cosmetics, industrial materials, toys,etc.

      Product function:
      Detecting all kinds of metal contaminants include Ferrous, Aluminum,Copper, Stainless steel 304,316,etc.

      1. High modularized and integrated design  
      2.Advanced intelligent digital technology
      3. Easy operation and calibration                              
      4. Compact frame and endurable working

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      Technical details:

      Name Conveyor belt metal detector
      Model ZG-MD-5035 height control
      Detection tunnel size Width: 500mm  height: 350mm
      Tunnel type Horizontal  
      Detection ability Ferrous, Non-Ferrous(Aluminum, Copper),Stainless steels 304, 316 and other metals   
      Speed of conveyor belt 20m/min ( Other speed optional, adjustable speed optional)
      Metal detector total length 1800mm/2000mm (Other optional)
      Operation language English (Other languages optional)                            
      Product memories 100 kinds of products restored
      Conveyor belt White color PU /PVC(Other colors optional)
      Height from floor to conveyor belt 300+-50 mm  (Other optional)
      Rejection system Buzzer alarms and belt stops (Other automatic rejectors optional)
      Power Supply 220V 50Hz(Other optional)
      Frame material SUS304 (industrial grade)
      Ingress rating IP54/IP65/IP66
      HS code 9031809090

      Draft drawing: